FrameTrail Release

Today, we are finally releasing “FrameTrail“, a fully open source hypervideo environment, which enables you to experience, manage and edit interactive, hyperlinked video directly in your web browser:

Frametrail Screenshot

After re-starting several times from scratch, we finally managed to put together a stable and well documented web application, dual-licensed under MIT and GPL v3 licenses:

Some features from previous versions got lost on the way, especially several innovative interface concepts which were developed in previous contexts of the “Open Hypervideo” project. Many of these “old” features of Open Hypervideo will be re-integrated into FrameTrail in follow-up projects.

In previously developed prototypes of this application, we often focused on very specific use cases in mainly media-theoretical settings. These efforts resulted in highly interesting concepts, but also quite chaotic implementations that were neither re-usable nor generally applicable. The goal of this release was to deliver a minimum viable product which provides a solid basis for future developments. The focus was on a simple architecture that is both easy to understand and to extend.

However, the general principles and media-theoretical ideas that have always been the basis for the Open Hypervideo idea, are still present in the core concepts of FrameTrail.

We can’t wait to continue the developments and are curious to see what FrameTrail becomes after this public release. It’s no longer just in our hands, and that’s a good thing. May this small contribution to the bigger goal of open hypervideo be used, studied, remixed and shared.

Please checkout for further info, frequently asked questions and tutorials.