webdocumentario conference

WebDocumentário Conference in Covilhã

Last week, I was invited to the WebDocumentário Conference in Covilhã for a Keynote Talk and a 3-day FrameTrail Workshop. After arriving in Lisbon on Tuesday, it was time for a 3,5 hour train ride to Covilhã on what must … Continued


The Ikeaisation of the Web

Several months ago, I read an interview with Facebook’s director of product design, Jon Lax (published in May 2016), which contained so many utterly wrong statements that it made me feel angry. Put in a nutshell: websites are a dying … Continued

FrameTrail Release

Today, we are finally releasing “FrameTrail“, a fully open source hypervideo environment, which enables you to experience, manage and edit interactive, hyperlinked video directly in your web browser: After re-starting several times from scratch, we finally managed to put together … Continued


How to create non-linear videos in HTML5

Have you ever wanted to dig into non-linear video on the web, but didn’t know how and where to start from scratch? This article will guide you through the very basics on the way to your first interactive video experiment. … Continued

Generating Video Mood Bars

Video on the web currently develops towards an open playground, where the video data itself can be freely accessed, analyzed, controlled and remixed. In this environment, a video file is completely seperated from its visual representation in the browser and … Continued

Open Hypervideo Course @ Merz Akademie

Last week, I held an “Open Hypervideo”-Course at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. The whole week was all about experimenting with open standards & technologies like HTML5 Video, PopcornJS and Popcorn Maker. On the basis of a theoretical introduction concerning hypervideo … Continued